Product Data Sheet :


Round, square and rectangular precision tubes, welded longitudinally by magnetic induction,  from flat products of cold rolled non-alloyed steels.


Various mechanical and construction industries :
Automotive, metal furniture, cycles, storage, metalwork, toys

Products Applications
Manufacturing process

Tôles Profilées
Et Tôles planes
Building, construction, transport, agricultural equipment, furniture

Type : soft steel
Galvanized or Plated
(LAF quality B)

Standard :NFA 36 321

Type : soft steel
Galvanized or Plated
(LAF quality B)
Standard  NFA 36 321
Welded Medium Tubes Longitudinally High Frequency Induction Welded
Tubes of grades 102 and 103 of Round, Square, and Rectangular shape.
Electrically welded Thin Tubes are used in the following fields
Metal joinery, locksmithing, automotive industry, cycles and motorcycles, construction, agricultural greenhouses and metal furniture.
Le tube est formé à froid par déformation d’une bande d’acier ; laminé à froid (L A F) ; ou laminé à chaud (L A C) dans une succession de galets formeurs puis soudés longitudinalement à haute fréquence et raclé extérieurement.

Acier non allié laminé à chaud selon la Norme EN 10025.

Acier laminé à froid selon la Norme EN 10130.

Unless special request, the current production length is 6 meters.

Thin-Tube High Frequency Induction Welded

.Tubes is cold formed by deformation of a steel strip; cold rolled (L A F); or hot rolled (L A C) in a succession of forming rollers and then longitudinally welded at high frequency and scraped externally.

. Tôles nervurées :
Galvanized and pre-lacquered
According to NFA standard 36 321
Application: Sheets for roofing works, slashing of industrial buildings.

. Sheet metal :
Galvanized, pre-lacquered and black
According to NFA standard 36 321 321
Application: Ironwork, Locksmithing, Industrial building.